12D/11N Highlight of Kazakhstan


DAY 1: Welcome to Almaty!

Meet at the airport in Almaty. Transfer to hotel.

DAY 2: Almaty

City sightseeing: visit to the 28 Panfilov‟s guardsmen park, Cathedral, Museum of national musical instruments, National museum, Republic square.  After lunch visit to mountain “KokTyube” by cable way. Dinner at the local cafe. Overnight at the hotel.

DAY 3: Almaty- Big Amaty lake -Shymkent

Breakfast. Excursion to Big Amaty lake (H-2527) (28 km). Walking around lake. Lunch-box.  Back to Almaty.  Transfer to rail-way station “Almaty – II”.  Departure at 18.42 from Almaty to Shymkent – “Otrar” train. Night on train.

DAY 4: Shymkent – Turkestan 

Transfer: Shymkent – Turkestan (210 km). After Shymkent visiting to museum site of ancient settlement “Otrar” in Shaulder village, excursion to Arstan-Baba Mausoleum (XIX c), Otrar ruins (XI-XII c). Arrival in Turkestan. Accommodation In “Turkestan” hotel.  Overnight in the hotel.

DAY 5: Turkestan-Almaty

Mausoleum to Koja Ahmad Yassaui, Turkistan, Kazakhstan

Breakfast. After breakfast excursion to Akhmed Yassawi maussoleum complex: gallery of stone statues, arheological museum, historical (cultural reserve) museum “Azaret-Sultan”, gates (Darvaza) (XIX c.), Esimkhan mausoleum  (XVI c.), Rabia Sultan Begim mausoleum (XV c.), Akhmed Yassawi mausoleum (XII-XIV c.c.), “Zhuma” mosque (1878 year), underground mosque Khilovat (XII-XV c.c.), oriental baths (XV-XVI c.c.).  Transfer to r/w station, train to Almaty. 

DAY 6: Almaty- Altyn-Emel national park

Arrive in Almaty, breakfast. Depart for Altyn-Emel national park (West side). Stop at Kapchagay Lake, than visit Beshshatyr kurgany necropolis-kurgans and Tamgaly Tas-Terekty petroglyph (with Buddha petroglyph). Overnight in guesthouse „‟Basshi‟‟ + Yurt camp opposit guesthouse.

DAY 7: Altyn-Emel national park 

Early morning depart from guesthouse and visit Singing Sand dunes. Than drive to Katutau mountains in Altyn-Emel park on the way stopping at Chinggis Khan stones and 700 years old tree. Visit Katatau Lava hills. In afternoon continue to Aktau mountains and take hike around colorful mountains. Very late afternoon depart back to Basshi. Overnight in guesthouse „‟Basshi‟‟ + Yurt camp opposite guesthouse.

DAY 8: Altyn-Emel national park – Charyn Canyon – Kolsai Lake

In morning drive to Canyon Charin on the way making detour (16 km) to Zharkent town for visit of Yuldashev Mosque (Chinese Mosque). In afternoon visit canyon and have easy walk along top of the ridge and Valley of Casltes (Dolina Zamkov). In late afternoon depart for Kolsai Lakes.

Sunset watching over Kolsai Lakes. Overnight in guesthouse by the lake Jibek Joly.

DAY 9: Lake Kolsay – I – lake Kolsay – II 

Breakfast. Today we shall make foot walk on lake Kolsay – II which is at height of 2252 meters above sea level. This lake is located in nine kilometers from lake Kolsay – I. The track passes on the left coast of lake from a track magnificent kinds on lakes Kolsay and neighboring mountains open. The fish lives in lake Kolsay – I – a royal trout. From the south the river Kolsay, lake runs into lake Kolsay more than two kilometers in length, depth of lake up to 80 meters. The most beautiful lake Kolsay – II is in an environment of high mountains, from the southern party of lake the river Kolsay follows. A lunch on lake Kolsay – II. Returning to lake Kolsay – I. A dinner and overnight in the guest house.

DAY 10: Lake Kolsay – I – lake Kaindy –Almaty

Breakfast. A trip on lake Kaindy (21 km). This one of beautiful lakes Northern Tien-Shan in which there are trunks Tien-Shan fur-trees, the lake is in an environment high Tien-Shan fur-trees.

Walk in vicinities of lake Kaindy, descent to lake, walk in a mouth of the river Kaindy. A lunch. Transfer to Almaty.

DAY 11: Walking to Medeo gorge and Bogdanovitch glacier by Cable Way

Transfer: Almaty “Medeo” valley (25 km). From Медео rise on new cable way up to"Shymbulak" (Length Cable way – 4 600 metres. Cable way "Medeo" is on the third place among Cable way in the world on length). From height cable way we see fine mountains Zailiyskiy Alatau with tops Abay (Н-4010), Komsomol (Н-4376), Shkolnik (Н-3590), Chkalova (H-3892). From station cable way "Medeo" begin vicinities of a high-mountainous skating rink "Medeo", our cabin floats from the right party from the basic skating rink «Medeo» from height we perfectly we see a field of a skating rink with tribunes for spectators. Then we move above a highway which rises on a dam in Smal Almaty gorge, our cabin floats above a dam. Behind a dam between support канатной roads the biggest distance and the most maximal height cable way. Soon we come nearer to valley "Sarkrama" twisting road below, at the left from east slope on deep gorge the small stream "Sary-Say" flows down. The cabin floats above fir forest Zailiyskiy Alatau.  From here the tumbled down trees of a consequence of hurricane on May, 17th, 2011 are well visible.

From here cottages "Shymbulak", hotel " Shymbulak " and different constructions of a mounting skiing resort begin. Station "Shymbulak" comes nearer, we leave a cabin cable way. Walk in vicinities of a resort "Shymbulak".

Rise on cable way to road on pass Big Talgar (Н-3168). In the beginning we rise on the first cable way to road from station "Shymbulak" up to valley "Ishak", it is the longest part cable way on a southern slope of a resort "Shymbulak". On stations " Ishak " we change to the second part cable way which delivers us to pass Big Talgar (Н-3168). From pass the kind on gorge Left Talgar which is located in the east opens, on gorge Bogdanovitch in the top part of gorge the glacier is located. On pass from the western party peak Shkolnik (Н-3590), from east party peak Shymbulak towers, peak Chkalov (Н-3892) in the south towers. Walks in vicinities of pass. Returning on resort "Shymbulak" and valley «Medeo» and further in Almaty.

DAY 12: Departure Almaty

Early morning around 2:00 transfer to airport. Flight at 5:00.

Price per person, SGD

Group size Price
2 5398
3-4 3818
5-6 3318
Supplementary for single 750

Price includes:

  • Transfers with English Speaking Guide (ESG)
  • All excursions with ESG; Entrance tickets to sights as per itinerary; ecological taxes; Transport throughout the tour;
  • Accommodation at the hotel “Kazzhol Almaty” **** – 4 nights (twin standard room with breakfast)
  • Accommodation at the hotel “Turkestan” *** – 1 night (twin standard room with breakfast)
  • Accommodation at the guest house in Altyn-Emel park – 2 nights (twin standard room with breakfast)
  • Accommodation at the guest house in Kolsay lake – I – 2 nights (twin standard room with breakfast)
  • Full board (10 lunches and 10 dinners + 2 extra breakfast); Mineral water;

Price excludes:

  • Airline tickets,
  • Tips;
  • Insurance and other medical subcosts;
  • Additional excursions, not mentioned in the program;
  • Personal extras like luggage overweight; laundry, phone, fax, e-mail services;
  • Alcohol drinks; mini bar and other extra services at the hotels.

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