Russian Cooking Classes

We are pleased to introduce our new Russian Cooking Class Package that can be added to any of our classic tours. Russia offers many fantastic native dishes from Blini and Borsch to Beef Strogonoff and Black Bread.


Use your lunch hour efficiently: even during a short break you can explore the secrets of the Russian kitchen. With our chefs,
preparing an ordinary lunch turns into real fun: Create a quick yet delicious culinary masterpiece, discover new facts about Russian traditional cuisine and enjoy your ready-made meal – all in one hour. Russian blini, syrniki and vareniki are all waiting to be cooked by you!


For most Russians, traditional lunch is all about soup. In Russia, there are a great variety of soups to be chosen from: Shchi, Ukha, Solyanka and many more. The tradition of making Shchi, for example, goes back to the 9th century and the recipe has mostly preserved its original form. So join this class and learn to make one of the most popular Russian meals. Choose a lesson about Okroshka cold soup to refresh you on a hot day or treat yourself to a good portion of Shchi or Solyanka to make you feel warm when the St. Petersburg weather turns less attractive.

Take part in our exciting cooking classes centered on authentic Russian recipes and taught by great local chefs. We will show you how to prepare and serve a good sampling of Russia’s world-renowned dishes such as Blini, Borsch, Pelmeni, Pirozhki, Beef Stroganoff as well as different kinds of pastry, soups, entrees and hot dishes.

We are looking forward to cooking with you!

  • This specialty extension package can be added on or mixed and matched with any of our standard tours. Tours provided in English. Other languages are available on request for additional payment.
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