Inspire Tour

Inspire Tour is dedicated to enriching your life, helping you see the world with new eyes, and creating images that express your unique experience to others. Designed for photographers of all levels, these trips adapt each itinerary to make the most of photographic opportunities. Whether you’re snapping portraits of Northern Light or framing giant tortoises in the Galápagos, you’ll learn techniques from photographers who are passionate about travel and their trade.

Travel on foot when you really want to learn about a place. Whether you’re trekking in Japan ALPS, through Patagonia or Inca Trail or around Europe, hiking brings you close to the land and its people. Side trips help vary the pace and allow for cultural exploration. Waiting for you to walk all over them. And if you’re not into big climbs, don’t sweat it; we’ve got loads of lower-impact walks and iconic treks you’ll love too.